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On this page you'll find my latest resume and VIDEO LINKS... of me speaking about each experience/employer tp hopefully give an interested employer the opportunity to understand me and my experience better.

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John is a highly motivated and experienced media content creator with proven expertise in planning, conceptualizing, producing, executing, and leading social, educational, and marketing projects for a wide range of clients. Web site building and maintaining experience for over 10 years.


Extensive training background from projects with School Improvement Network, Franklin Covey, Harry K. Wong Publications, Smiths’ Food and Drug and others. At School Improvement, I planned, shot, produced, and edited projects with crews across the country. I specialize in making complex things simple or easier to understand.


I understand music and music performance. I am well versed in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and media encoder. Also, Apple Logic and the MS Office suite.

Crossman Digital Post

Crossman Post was created to serve the needs of corporate and independent producers with professional broadcast post production and has served, Smith's Food and Drug, Icon Health and fitness, The Utah Jazz, ESPN and the OLN networks, the NBA and NBC, the Utah Sports Hall of Fame, North Star Video productions and many others.


Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere, Photoshop. After Effects, Encore, Illustrator, Media Encoder. SONY: EX-3, EX-1, FS5. WIX, web builder. MS Office, Certified Scrum Master. Apple: Logic, Final Cut 7, DVD Studio Pro, SoundTrack Pro.  

School Improvement Network

School Improvement Network started as the video Journal of Education by a Husband and wife team. After selling it to their sons, it became School Improvement Network and they asked me to join them in their content development area, which i did until the company was sold in 2017.

Musican's Toolkit

I was approached and hired to create a music business course for higher education and an Elementary Course for elementary teachers. Unfortunately, only a few weeks in the company was shut down amd that opportunity ended.

Connect Through Music

Through the people I met at Musican's Toolkit I was approached to help launch Connect Through Music, a very similar model to Musicians Tool kit, which had been sold. I bought some new ideas as to how we could create content much quicker and therefore less expensive, but as a start up, they didn't have the financial staying power. While still an active business, they don't have the means to support any ongoing staff.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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